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Welcome to the new website of Alex Castors & Wheels

Welcome to the new website of Alex Castors & Wheels


From ALEX castors & wheels we want to welcome to our new website. We have completed a new layout of our web to offer more updated, useful information and a better service to our users and clients.


All the innovations are the result of months of work, and they are intended to cover the needs and expectations of our users and clients.


Among the principal innovations that the new web page presents, we stand out:



1. Incorporation of an online catalogue and advanced search engine


Our clients and users will be able to find the most adapted product to their castor needs in our extensive range.



2. User's area:


It is possible to register and enjoy the exclusive advantages we offer to our users:

  - Download our files in format PDF and in AutoCAD,

  - Access to the comparative one of wheels (including sale prices)

  - Printable technical sheet with the logo of the company



3. Comparative of wheels:


A one-and-only comparative of castors will enable a fast search of the right product out of the whole ALEX range of castors.



4. Printable technical file:


Technical information of the castor selected in the search engine or online catalogue can be easily printed and sent out to the clients with their logo.



5. CAD Service:


Drawings of ALEX castors can be easily downloaded in pdf and AutoCAD formats.



6. Technical guide:


You will find the important aspects to bear in mind when choosing the most suitable castor.



7. Newsletter:


By subscribing to ALEX Newsletter, you will currently receive an email with an updating of new products, campaigns, and events of interest to the ALEX community



Furthermore, you can obtain information concerning the company history, background, quality certificates and you can also send your comments and suggestions. 


We hope our new website is useful for your business and ALEX is committed to assisting you when necessary.